Monday, February 14, 2011


Busy weekend for myself and 'Security'.

I have leveled up herbalism and alchemy to 480 & 369 respectively while also obtaining several key parts of the Explorer achievement. I believe I just have a couple WoLTK zones as well as 2 Cataclysm zones to complete now for the achievement and title for exploring.

Last nights raid yielded hard fought victories over:

Omnotron Defense System (screenshot above)
Valiona and Theralion (forgot to take screenshot)

Unfortunately, I died early on in the Omnotron fight and like a true huntard released and
missed the credit for the take down.

After that we cleared some trash, then proceeded into Bastion of Twilight for many many
attempts at Valiona and Theralion. As the clock was ticking down to the end of the raid,
we were able to down both on what most thought would be our last attempt without
any major issues.

After looking at my stats in the raid where I could just stand still and fire versus having
to move around, I really need to look into understanding how to get the max dps I can
whilst on the move.

Oh, and Syx also now has 3 epic pieces. 2 crafted by a guild mate (chest, belt)
and 1 by rep (feet).


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